Over the years, Mr. Finnerty has received numerous letters from satisfied clients thanking him for his hard work and devotion to their cases. Below are a few samples:

“Dear Mr. Finnerty,
My sisters and I want to thank you so much for the way you worked with us on the case. You were always available to talk to us and were always understanding about our concerns. The loss of our mother due to the carelessness of her own doctor is something we will never get over. The deposition you took confirmed that he didn’t know her medical history in his own records so they gave her the wrong medication even though he denied that up to that time. Although there would never be enough money to make up for her death, your hard work and the settlement you got for us is very much appreciated. None of us wanted to testify in court and now we don’t have to.
Thank you so much.”

I enclose a gift in acknowledgment of the fine work you did in winning my case. I had never been sued before, and as a
medical professional it has been a devastating time for me. Your continually objecting to the questions of the attorney who cross examined me for a full day and the judge constantly ruling that you were correct made me feel that it wasn’t just me who believed I was right. You picked a great expert witness to testify for me and I think he made a big difference as far as the jury was concerned. Your regular supportive comments during the trial made me feel positive. Your summation to the jury was superb. The jury returning with a decision in my favor after only ten minutes made my day. I hope you enjoy the bookends and that they will remind you of a great victory for years to come.
Best Wishes,”

“Dear Mr. Finnerty,
Thank you for all the good work you did on my case. I didn’t know anything about the legal system when it started and I now feel well used by it. I was so angry at first but through your counsel learned to look at the case in a more measured manner. To win in the end is all that was important and I don’t know if that could have been accomplished without an attorney of your skills and commitment.
Very truly yours,”

“Dear Jack,
Thank you for the great job you did with (my husband’s) case. I only wish that he had lived to attend the trial. The way you painted a picture for the jury was most impressive and they truly seemed to understand his position. A job very well done. Regards,”

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